how heavy to use starter cards

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how heavy to use starter cards

Postby s.jessica » Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:08 am

When using starter cards to try to work up to better cards, how heavy should you use the starter card for best results?

This question is focused on what the individual issuer likes to see. I have a Capital One card with a $750 limit and I've had it for about a year. I figured it up and I ran about $3,000 through it since I've had it which a friend of mine said was pathetic and unprofitable to Capital One.

I checked with US Bank because I would really like to work towards a cash+ card but I'm going to have to start with a Platinum card with no rewards.

My current bank that I've used for 20 years doesn't have credit cards, but they push using debit cards really heavy. I really don't feel comfortable having a debit card tied to my entire balance and I've tried talking to them about it but still they sent me a debit card. When I didn't use it for 6 months, they called to ask me why I haven't used it. They said I should use credit more sparingly and use debit for everything else. What I did was to open an online account with ING Direct then move money to them in case I need to use a debit card, but I only keep about $500 in the account unless I know I need something.

What I would like to do is use a credit card for everything I've used debit for in the past, but now I have to max out my cards then wait for my limits to restore which can take a few days, until then I don't have a credit card with available credit so I end up having to use debit a couple of days.

It's where it has me wondering if I should apply for another card and spread spending over multiple cards even though some cards will see very light use or if I just just focus on using one card and use it as much as possible.

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Postby MemberSince99 » Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:54 am

Your bank is feeding you a self-serving line of BS. They KNOW perfectly well that your debit card doesn't give you the fraud protection that a credit card does, but you using your credit cards from another company doesn't put $$$ into THEIR pockets. That's why they told you that.

I'd consider moving my accounts to US Bank as the rewards you get on Cash + are higher when you do that. I would not put up with them lying to me in such a blatant way. They obvious think you are a fool to feed you such a line. And you would be if you believed them.

If you've had the Cap One rebuilder for about a year and have decent scores and everything else is good, you may well be able to get something with a higher limit. Only you know the state of your credit and only you can make that call but if all is good I would say yes for sure try for something better with a limit that will grow with you (Cap One very likely won't).

Always use credit over debit. If you use debit thieves can drain your bank account. You have less time to catch the fraud with debit than you do with credit, and fewer protections as well. I never use my debit card anymore and don't recommend using one strictly due to the potential of fraud.

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