Fake out with grandfathered in Orchard One card

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Fake out with grandfathered in Orchard One card

Postby Slovell920 » Wed Dec 26, 2012 8:19 am

Hey Guys here is a peculiar situation. I had a Capital One CC that was charged off. I paid the entire balance off so it can be reflected on my credit report.

I had a second card with Orchard Bank that was bought out by Capital One. I asked my attorney to contact Capital One to report to the credit agency that I paid off the card. Since I did that they closed the second card although I was never late and kept a low balance. I have had my attorney dispute that but they say its their policy that if an esq contacts them they close all accounts. Now I am screwed with one credit union card. Looking for a second card to continue rebuilding credit. Any suggestions on both issues.




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Postby Money card » Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:16 pm

if you have copys of the check and can show it to orchard bank and rub it in there face, to prove to them that you paid your balance off in full they would then have to listen to you, but if you find no records of those checks. your looking for ideas for another card.

other than orchard do you have a local bank where you have a checking account, do they offer credit cards this would be a good idea , your local bank.

a lower level bank like key bank, td bank, M&T bank, citzens bank or hudson valley bank

do you like to shop how about a store charge card like a sears, JCP, Macys, kohls, American eagle.

do you live home with your parents if so how about asking your Dad to go to a few banks if you want chase with him that's fine and see if he co signs for a credit card what would you be approve for.

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Postby sticf » Sat Dec 29, 2012 11:50 am

Yes I am confused. I am not sure I follow your post. Tell me if I got this correct:
1. You had a Capital One card that you paid off and closed on purpose.
2. You had a Orchard Bank (OB) card that converted to a Capital One card.
3. The OB card was closed by mistake (or then lender) when your attorney contacted Capital One.
4. Now you only have a single card from a credit union.

Did I get anything wrong?

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