Can you Edit your Card? (Like put a sticker on it)

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Can you Edit your Card? (Like put a sticker on it)

Postby Andrew123 » Thu May 14, 2009 12:54 am

Hi everyone!

I'm new here.

Well I just got my first Debit Card today (MasterCard),
and well, it's a Company Designed card with their logo on it.

well when my brother saw it, he thought like WOW, it was a very rare card.
(Only today I browsed the internet and learnt about Black Credit cards)

So otherwise before, the color of a credit card had no meaning to me,
but since my card is black, I was thinking anyway, can I edit out the Logo on the front of my card?

I don't indent on using anything permanet on the card, but maybe place a sticker of something cool over the Logo, so that it looks more professional.
The Logo on my card was a giveaway my brother said.

Is there anything illegal, or against Mastercard rules by adding a sticker over my card Logo?

I Won't want to put anything over the important parts, like the Card Number, or the black strip to the back and those other stuff.

But I'd like to only design something and put it over the Logo on my Card.

Please fill me on this guys!

And sorry if the question seems immature to you...

And 1 other thing,
do you guys have any idea of what exactly can I print and put there to make the card look more official or rare?

so maybe I can get the pic online, and print and stick it on my card ;)

Please tell me a cool and rare MasterCard if any,
I saw a few mentioned on another thread, but is that it?


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Postby fffresh » Sun May 17, 2009 6:58 pm

I believe it's acceptable to overlay stickers or iron-ons on your credit cards as long as it's not concealing anything important and not done for fraudulent purposes. I have read stories of someone using the iron on sheets you use on T-shirts to make their American Express Blue card look like a Centurion Black card. I would imagine the company doesn't advocate this but I do not believe it is outright violating any laws by making a novelty card for novelty purposes.

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Postby debitcard guru » Wed Jun 17, 2009 9:25 pm

I am new member, I am confused on what type of card you got. You say got a Mastercard debit, at the same time you say it is a credit card. Unless I misunderstanding you. As far as putting a sticker on it. It could get jammed in some atms. Otherwise, you showed be ok. As for a black card. I got a credit card from HSBC that was black. I was able to use it at all merchants. One merchant thought is fake or copied card. This was a standard card.

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