Bank of America credit increase = hard inquiry/pull?

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Postby kqwqk27 » Thu May 30, 2013 7:34 pm

I literally just had a similar situation happen to me. I've had their Visa Platinum since 2008 that had a $1k limit without a CLI in the last 5 years. I did some research online and saw a number of people saying their CLIs were approved with soft pulls. So before I applied online, I called and spoke to a CSR who confirmed it was indeed a soft pull. Great! I applied and got the 5 - 7 day notice. Figured I was declined.

Fast forward 24 hours, I see a hard inquiry on my TU CR. I immediately called BofA back and asked what the deal was. They said I was misinformed and that a CLI is ALWAYS a hard inquiry. I was able to track down the CSR I spoke to and after about 15 minutes of dealing with a manager over the phone got them to agree to put in a request for removal for the inquiry from my CR.

It gets even weirder, and I guess I should have seen the red flags, but I wanted to believe it was a soft inquiry... I mean after-all they had access to my accounts and could see I had 5 figure balances in all of them that could easily cover the measily 3k CLI I was requesting at any time. The CSR also informed me that they soft pull all 3 CBs when you click the online luv button. Perfect I thought, my TU CR is the worst of the 3 CBs, and if they use the average of all 3 like some institutions, I'm sure they'll use my middle score.

Completely wrong.

After I got my decline letter I ended up calling and speaking a credit analyst and getting the increase I wanted. This is a day after I was approved for another TL with 2x the total limit I was requesting from BofA.

It was the worst application experience I've had so far and I doubt I'll even be using my BofA card ever again, especially with their outrageous APR they've got me locked in at.

Long story short... you're not alone. To anyone else who this might help, from what the analyst implied but didn't directly say, they almost always pull TU hard inquiries for CLIs.
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