In which direction should I head in now?

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In which direction should I head in now?

Postby WallyxD » Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:03 pm

Where should I go for my second card?

What's up guys. I'm 20. I'm a full time student, part time job. Make no more 9k. I have an American Eagle retail with an insanely low credit limit.

My credit history is really short, my FAKO scores are..
Creditsesame (Experian) 710..
Creditkarma (TU) 666..

All of my payments were on time, I have no negative marks, I do, sadly, have 11 hard inquiries (from student loan applications last year. I had no idea it'd have such an impact on me.)

Any suggestions on which card I should apply for? The retail card just isn't cutting it.

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