When does my credit card billing cycle start/end?

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When does my credit card billing cycle start/end?

Postby rayearth » Thu Nov 29, 2012 6:43 am

Hello. I have a couple of questions that may sound stupid! But I wanted to know anyway.

Btw, I am a new Discover More credit card owner. I'm only 23, have been making payments under my mom's connected credit card so I've had credit "history" somehow.

Credit Limit: $500

I want to ask this - They say I will be receiving my credit card this Saturday, Dec. 1.

Does this mean that my billing cycle begins
- ON the day they send the card
- the day I activate it
- the first time I charge something on it

I am not to use it right away, but know I will use it on the second week of January (Jan.6) . Does this mean that if I charge $100 that week that I have to pay that amount already? Or is my billing period not until February. Please enlighten me! Thank you.

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