Is TrueCredit a Scam? My accounts are disappearing

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Is TrueCredit a Scam? My accounts are disappearing

Postby pctechwright » Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:02 pm

I have true credit monitoring - have been for about 1-2 years. Anyways i had 4 accounts from the same credit agency (Stevens Business Service in Lowell Mass). They are all for medical issues - with no insurance.

One was around 5k, one was 450ish, another for 214, and another for 130. The 130 account is paid off and it states that it is paid.

I logged onto it this month - and it seems the 2 largest accounts from Stevens Business service is gone. Its just missing. So now i have 2 accounts from them - the paid off one that has been there and the 214 dollar account.

Is true credit reliable? Are the accounts still on my report but not showing? Also i want to pay off this 214 dollar debt just to get this crap off. The account number is starred out and i dont want to ask the agency what the number is - and have them realize the big accounts are gone from my report even tho i didnt pay it off.

check out the attached photo - its a screenshot of the two accounts. Its wierd the 214 dollar account has no Creditor name.

What should i do about these two account - or more so the one 214 account?


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Postby Ratfacedudeguy » Mon Aug 06, 2012 1:17 pm

I would check somewhere that's known to give accurate credit reports and double check that way. would be my first stop. If they're not showing up on there, I noticed the accounts you did post are a little old, so there is a chance that they may have fallen off your reports in that case.
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Postby pctechwright » Mon Aug 06, 2012 1:29 pm

Funny you should mention that - i did the over the weekend and got all three reports. It seems the reports are accurate - when it comes to the $214 account - the report states the debt was moved to collections from the hospital. Doesnt say who - when or anything.

Is there a way i can get that off from lack of information on the report? Would id be wise to try and take that off, pay it, or leave it alone?

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