Which address to use?

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Which address to use?

Postby shoptalk01 » Sat Aug 04, 2012 2:59 pm

In this situation, what would you do? Since I sold my home, I've been living out of motels - getting fairly decent monthly rates and almost always renting month to month with no lease agreement. The downside is I can't get mail where I'm at so I have to get a Post Office box. I really need to start working on building up credit so I'm needing my best option, my mom said I should just use her address with my name even though I technically don't live there, because a PO box just don't work for some things like applying for a credit card. The other option is to use a box at the UPS store, which gives you a street address.

I have a checking account, but I tried using prepaid cards for convenience, but all my friends keep saying I need to ditch my prepaid in favour of credit cards. My biggest problem is the only card I was approved for only gives me a $500 credit limit. Because of working weird hours, I frequently need to pay at the pump for gas after hours because the station is closed. $500 just plain isn't enough credit to keep filling my tank. On the flip side, I can put $500 on a prepaid card and spend it all without maxing out a credit card.

I used my mom's address to get this card but it's the only card out of maybe 10 that I applied for that approved me. I was told what I need to start doing is looking a secured cards as I would be more likely to be approved. If I did that, would it matter which address I used? Also, I cancelled my PO Box in favour of an address with the UPS Store.

I need the credit to get an apartment so I can have a real address.

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