Building up credit as a non-resident

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Building up credit as a non-resident

Postby superjabber » Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:50 pm

Hi all:

I'm working in the US on a long term non-resident visa, making about 50,000 a year, but I didn't have any US credit history until Capital 1 approved me.

My current credit accounts are

$750 Capital One Card with 1.25% cb (about 8 months old)
$4000 Citi Forward with 1 point/$ (about 1 month old)

I don't carry a balance and I always pay on time. I put safe online purchases and foreign purchases on the C1 and purchases where I want protection on the CF.

I want to build up credit so I can get frequent flyer mile credit card sign up benefits. I really want a Chase UA Explorer or a Citi AAdvantage, but I was rejected for both of those. In the process of getting rejected for those and other cards, I have 8 hard inquires.

Any suggestions on what I should do to build my credit with the aim of getting a UA Explorer card? I'm thinking I should wait 6 months to let my cards age and the hard inquiries fade, and then apply for the UA Explorer again. Does that make sense?

I appreciate this forum's expert guidance.

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