Creditor Blacklisting

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Creditor Blacklisting

Postby MemberSince99 » Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:11 pm

I haven't seen this addressed here previously (though I haven't gone back pages) so if it's a multiple post my apologies.

I wanted to post my own experiences with a subject many of us might be interested in - blacklisting. And can you get back in.

Most of us have probably heard that some companies will blacklist you if you burn them. Hard to blame them all things considered - how many of us would loan money to someone who burned them? (Hopefully not many...)

Which companies do it? Most of the big (prime) ones - Amex, Discover, Chase, Citi, etc. Can you get back into their good graces with time (and luck or possibly payment)? The answer as I've found is YES it is possible, though none of them are going to let you do it a year or two after you've burned them or with the collection reporting on your reports. (Subprime may be different by the way, I'm just going to list my experience with prime lenders as I have none with subprime this way).

I burned Discover on a card back in the early 90s. It was a charge off. When my credit had improved by 1999 I got a "pre-approved" offer in the mail from them. I filled it out and mailed it in (back then it wasn't done online) and their response was a letter letting me know they did not forget my charge off to them and that I would NEVER (their words) be able to get another Discover card and by the way my application is DECLINED have a great day (they left off "scumbag" but it would have been a nice touch).
As a result of that for years I didn't apply for another card with them as I thought forever was forever (though 20 years seems like it sometimes). Fast forward to this year 20 years after this, and I'd read they blacklist and knew that I was on that blacklist (as evidenced above) but I'd heard only great things about them and thought what the heck, no guts no glory, so I pulled the trigger and app'd online for a More card. It did not come back immediately declined but I got the very common X day wait for review message. Two days later Discover gave me a call and the analyst asked me some questions and approved me for the More card I have now. They never mentioned the delinquency. I also recently got an Escape for the travel benefits as well. So it's safe to say that 20 years later I'm off their blacklist. It might have happened sooner, I honestly don't know, that's all I can tell you is 20 years might work!

I had also had 2 Amex cards charge off in late 2002, a Green and a Blue. I naturally assumed I was blacklisted with them as I'd heard the stories so I didn't even bother applying, until I got a "pre-approved" offer in the mail from them in January of 2011. I app'd by phone and was immediately shot down. Not a real shock I suppose. I also app'd in April 2011 online and it was immediately declined as well. I talked with a rep who told me what to do, and interestingly he told me that I was close and he hoped I would keep at it as I would probably get the card soon if I did. I didn't believe him and pretty much forgot about Amex until this year. Except for one time last summer when I had to apply for a business card for my company and got rejected for that due to past charge offs. They said then if I paid that I could get the card. (By the way Amex did hard pulls on my apps on EX, which means if you get a HP you are NOT blacklisted with them. If you are blacklisted it will reject you with no HP so that's one way to find out...). For kicks and giggles I went to the Amex pre-selected site and found I was pre-selected, that had never happened before so I app'd for Zync because it's the easiest to get, and INSTANT approval. I tell you I coulda fell out of my chair. I thought it HAD to be a mistake. From there I got in less than a month the Gold which they mailed me "pre-approved" for, and then the BCP which got the wait message (not instant approval) but was approved in a couple of days. It came crashing down when I app'd for the Platinum card for travel benefits and they shot it down saying I had a charged off Platinum card that was just charged off and declined me. I could handle the decline, but I have never had a Plat and obviously had nothing recently charge off with them (or anyone else).

But that's not the point of this, the point is, you CAN get back in with them, probably not while their charge off or ANY charge off is in your reports, but after that IF you pay them or IF they open the door to you again you CAN get back in. That's not to say you may not have issues though as I've seen. 10 years seems like a reasonable time though some have reported it happening sooner, but don't waste your time if anything is still on your reports.

Chase is another one I had charge offs with around the same time as Amex. I hadn't applied with them as they were the most aggressive in coming after me and I knew I had to be blacklisted with Chase. Recently I figured ok I got my main cards, just for kicks and giggles to see if I'm blacklisted I'll app for Chase. I figured it would be immediately declined, and got the X days notice with them, which as many of you know is a decline most of the time with Chase (in this case it was). That told me I wasn't blacklisted as if you are blacklisted it's an auto decline (though I have heard that unlike Amex you do take a HP anyway....). I called and spoke with an analyst who mentioned the charge offs and asked about them. I was declined on that recon so I called back and spoke with another analyst who also asked, and who seemed to warm to me unlike the last one, and that was approved with address verification due to a note in TU not due to Chase. I'm sure the 2k limit I got is due to the past but I for sure understand that. It's a foot in the door with them with a year of good use I would guess that they will loosen up a bit.

These are my own experiences with this, and I have to say that I hope I never again have more to share with you. Hopefully someone finds this worth reading and doesn't die of boredom!

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Postby SteveT » Sun Apr 12, 2015 4:33 pm

Thanks for sharing your experience.

How much were the charge offs for with Chase, Discover, and Amex.

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Postby Battery111 » Sun Apr 12, 2015 7:13 pm

SteveT wrote:Thanks for sharing your experience.

How much were the charge offs for with Chase, Discover, and Amex.

That's quite the necro post. Hopefully member answers you but it's somewhat unlikely as he doesn't come around here much anymore.
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Postby popamode72 » Sun Apr 12, 2015 8:29 pm

Good to see you back in some capacity, Member. Really insightful stuff. I think BK might be harder to get back in with a lot of prime lenders but even that's not impossible. It just takes a ton of time and recon from what I can tell.
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Postby Nixon » Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:15 pm

popamode72 wrote:Good to see you back in some capacity, Member. Really insightful stuff. I think BK might be harder to get back in with a lot of prime lenders but even that's not impossible. It just takes a ton of time and recon from what I can tell.

Check the date, duder.

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