Why does my credit still suck? I honestly want help

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Postby Crashem » Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:26 am

Op, you really need to do your research. First off, look around forum about utilization so you understand about reported utilization which is what counts. 2nd, 31 days from rejection and you can app for another Amex. Amex zync is way to go with you credit profile. Use it and reapp for bce/bcp in january assuming you get zync. On same day as apping for zync, I recommend you go for 2 more cards. One, find a ge money bank backed store card that you will use like Walmart, amazon, etc. why? Ge has cli friendly policies. You can ask for soft based cli every 4-6 months. Two, app for another visa/mc. Do not do chase. Chase is great but not for your credit situation. Why? Chase cli policy is not cli growth friendly. Hard pulls for cli requests and stingy with auto cli. So your best case is another 500-1k card. So who should you app to? Citibank is risky but card might be worth it. Cap one is safe.
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