Who gives the best credit limit increases?

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Who gives the best credit limit increases?

Postby MemberSince99 » Fri Jul 06, 2012 6:54 am

Ok I'm basing this on what I've seen personally with anecdotes, just as an FYI. Please feel free to add your experiences as others might be interested.

GECRB - they have a ton of different cards they back. I've had 2. Amazon store card they auto cli'd in 4 months from 1100 to 1600 with moderate use and PIF. Paypal Extras Mastercard they started me at 3000 and auto cli'd after 4 months to 5800 with heavy use and PIF. It doesn't get better than that, that I've seen.

Cap One. Need I really say more? I have never gotten a CLI from these guys. I've never had one of their cards long enough to get the one and likely only bump you will ever receive from them at 6 months. They simply do not believe in CLI. Obviously YMMV and you might get one but I wouldn't bet a dime on it.

Associated Bank. I've had their Platinum Visa for over 6 months now, and any CLI must be customer requested from what I was told, and it is a HP. I don't want to spend a HP for a non-rewards card at this stage of the game no matter how nice the limit might be.

Will update with more as I get more info. I'm curious to see how Discover is. Chase I already know is a HP every time with near certainty. I was told Discover may auto cli or sp for a cli.

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Postby bmw1990Z » Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:03 am

-I have heard if you are a 'good' customer with discover, they will regularly give you a CLI.
-Citi (from personal experience) has been great with me doubling my credit line in six months of the card.
-I have read AMEX is pretty generous but just got the card a few weeks ago.
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Postby Ratfacedudeguy » Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:07 am

Yeah, it's pretty tough to beat the Amex double CLI after 60 days policy. I've read that it's a SP too which is equally great.

I also recently made a post about my success with Discover's CLIs. I don't think they've turned me down for one yet. Within the past month's time I received an auto CLI (SP) from $2800 - $3400, and then a requested CLI (HP) after paying off my full balance which took me from $3400 to $7000. I've probably maxed my potential with them for the time being given my income and total unsecured debt, but that's still miles beyond what other creditors have granted me, and continues to solidify their position as my highest credit limit from day 1. So, their auto CLIs are pretty sporadic and their requested CLIs are rather generous. I'd put them between "so-so" and "best." Probably closer to "best" actually.

Bank of America has been pretty stingy to me. They were my first credit line, opened in '08 at $1000, and so far I've only been able to increase to $1500, despite my income at least tripling since opening the account and having nothing but a spotless payment history. I put in a request to increase to $3000 yesterday and they said they'd contact me in writing in 7-10 days to notify me of the decision. Sounds like a decline to me.
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Postby DeadSpider » Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:26 pm

Cap one started at $200 and somehow without asking it's now @ $6500 did take few years.

Citi Simplicity Card $9000 to $11100 asked for CLI after 6 months

Discover $1000 approved but asked for $2000 to start and was given and now @ $4500 + CLI love button is available for me I'm sure I'll get it if asked

Amex Blue Cash Preferred AU $10000 not yet 60 days yet (will post result after CLI)

I think my Cap One is maxed out for CLI and the funny think is it was my first CC after BK back in 2004 but i did have TARGET red card that wasn't in BK
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