Should I apply for Citi Forward or the student version?

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Should I apply for Citi Forward or the student version?

Postby sakhalin » Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:20 am

I am about to be a senior in college, and will be graduating in Spring of 2013. I have been building credit since I was 18 (2009) with a Platinum Plus Student MasterCard from Bank of America with an $800 credit line.

I have paid off every payment in full and on time since then, and while I do not know my real FICO score, Credit Karma says I am in the "good" credit range (711, score dinged by 55% utilization because I bought some $$ computer parts lol). In addition to my student card, I have a Macy's Star Rewards card that I have only used a couple of times.

I have no student or auto loans, no rent/mortage, etc, and no hard inquiries as of right now. I have a part time job; in 2011 I made about $8500, and I have already made that much this year.

I am very interested in the Citi Forward card. I know that the student version gives the same 5x points for certain categories, and that I would most likely be accepted for it. But I will also be graduating in a year, so even if I got the student version, will I still be able to use the credit card even after I graduate? Or should I attempt to apply for the normal version (10,000 bonus points for spending $650 in the first three months is very enticing)?

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I will greatly appreciate any advice given.
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