Chase's Awful Customer Service

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Chase's Awful Customer Service

Postby willie4ever » Thu Jul 05, 2012 11:57 am

During refinancing application process, credit history shows that Chase card with zero balance is "ACCT IN DISPUTE." We never disputed anything so this is clearly a Chase error reporting to the credit rating agencies.

Chase's idea of "customer service" was to stall and delay, make 5 promises to correct error and fax me a copy of letter, then decide something was missing but never call back to follow up. Each time I called, had to restart the whole process again because they did not keep good notes.

Meanwhile, loan application is delayed, jeopardizing rate that was locked-in.

Whole time, Chase acts like they are doing me a favor! Out of their San Antonio, TX office, here are the following representatives who broke their promises:

I hope someone reads this and decides to go elsewhere.

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