Will it hurt my credit if I don't use a card?

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Will it hurt my credit if I don't use a card?

Postby mel » Sun Jul 01, 2012 8:39 pm

Okay, so I'm entering college and a few days ago I applied for a student citi credit card. I checked the box that will let me be notified by email if I get approved or denied.

I still haven't received the email yet, and one of my friends applied for a discover card and almost instantly found out that she did not get approved. I understand that it's a different company and it might take longer, but I am only looking to have one credit card.

And I was wondering If i do apply for a different company and later i find out I got approved for citi, will it mess up my credit if I never use one? I know one time my parents had a credit card that they did not use all year and It came up looking bad on their credit, and I also heard it looks bad if you cancel a card.


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