Should I wait or should I not?

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Should I wait or should I not?

Postby Snowman » Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:38 pm


Some I'm looking for advice. I was thinking maybe in a few months when my account is a little more aged to open another CC. However, I have been reading that it is good to have maybe one more account (revolving) so that way my utilization can be lowered. So I am wondering should I apply for another card now? and if so, which one? and if not should I wait a few more months? I am not sure what I should do. The only negative that is affecting me is that my first month my utlilization was quite high (500+ on a 700 limit, ya I know) (I realized what had happened, and I know I'm going to my best to keep it as low as possible and pay on time, but I was just thinking about it If I should wait a little bit longer or not). What do you think?
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