Already have mortgage, looking to get first credit card

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Already have mortgage, looking to get first credit card

Postby meph » Tue Jun 26, 2012 9:01 pm

Hi, I looked around for a FAQ but couldn't find one. I'm guessing it gets asked a lot.

I just checked my credit score with Equifax and I currently have a 730 VantageScore. I have 0 negative points, but only a single line of credit (mortgage) that has existed for 7 years and has 0 late payments. I am jointly signed on the mortgage, if that matters.

I just applied for and was denied the AmEx Everyday Blue (which was probably a poor choice for a first attempt). I'd prefer not to apply for a ton of cards and want to make sure my next one is one I can get. I'd prefer an AmEx (wouldn't everyone?), or at the very least a card with decent rewards and benefits.

I will be making some upcoming purchases online to the tune of a few thousand dollars and would prefer to use the protections afforded by most credit cards. You all seem to know just about everything about credit cards, so I'm thankful for all the advice.

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