Establishing credit for young professionals - already graduated?

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Establishing credit for young professionals - already graduated?

Postby lilae » Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:22 pm

Hi everyone!

So I'm going on my first trip big vacation.. and I thought I should get a credit card so I could earn points for all the expenses I would rack up - instead of using my debit card or cash.

Unfortunately, I neglected to think about obtaining credit before, and now when I need it, it's not available to me.

I am working part time earning ~$40k, do not have any school loans or other credit sources. I do have utility bills in my name.

How should I start building my credit? I've tried applying for an Express Fashion store credit card twice before and was denied (once for a regular Express card, and once for a student Express card).

Are there any credit card options available to me at this point for international travel? I mostly wanted the CapitalOne VentureOne card because of the no transaction fee and 1.25 miles for every dollar. But I don't qualify for that card because its for excellent credit scores.

Any advice for credit cards for my international vacation in July?

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