For a 772 credit score what's a good card to get?

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For a 772 credit score what's a good card to get?

Postby dai » Mon May 07, 2012 6:24 pm

Hi, I am a 28-year old male, and am trying to improve my credit score while increasing my total credit limit.

  • My "CreditKarma" credit score is 772, and I have five credit card accounts: limits being 3400, 2000, 1400, 1000, and 800.
  • My annual income is $50000, and live in a rental apartment in NJ.
  • I am canceling a credit card with $1000 limit (since there is an annual fee of $100), and I am trying to get a card with $5000+. I prefer a card with low APR and reward program, and I would also like to improve my credit score.
  • I pay all the bills every month and never carry my balance. I have three hard inquiries each at the three major credit report agencies.
What would be the best credit card to get in order to achieve these things?

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