First Time Credit Cards

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First Time Credit Cards

Postby Cucumber » Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:28 pm

I haven't seen this question yet - What the the best first time credit cards out there??! Not the ones if you bad credit or bankruptcy history but the best credit cards for first time applicants that have no credit history? :confused:

I know student credit cards are good for 18 to 22 range but what if you are that age and aren't in school? Then you don't qualify for that.

My first credit card was from my bank that's a regional bank I had had a checking account with since the start of high school. They offered me an unsecured Mastercard with a credit limit of I wanna say $700 to start off with and I got that when I was 18. Later on I got a credit line increase to $900 and then it went up real slow :mad: I stopped using it and by that time I had a credit history built up and I move on to better cards. But it's more than young people with no history that need first time credit cards, what about immigrants that move here and become citizens that have no credit history because it doesn't transfer over from their home country? When you think about all those these make up a HUGE part of the market!

We should come up with the best first time credit cards for those trying to establish a credit history. I don't think you need to go the route of secured because it's like they look more favorably on you with a clean slate then if you have a clean slate now but credit mistakes in the past, anyone else notice that?
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Postby Extreme z28 » Wed Jan 21, 2009 5:10 pm

My first card was my Chase Visa which I got right after high school. the credit limit on it was $500 after 14 years the limit has slowly gone up to the kingly sum of $2300. I don't get it since my second lowest card after that has a limit a little over 4 times that. But I keep it active since it was my first card. On that note I think most credit cards will give a first time applicant a card with a limit below $1000. In today's economy...well that's a different story.

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Postby DGenerateKane » Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:30 pm

My first was a Student Visa from my bank at age 19 which was 4.5 years ago. It has the highest limit now, my other two cards haven't increased in a couple years but this one just increased another 2 grand this month. It is no longer a Student card.

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