Have joint card with brother but looking to get my own

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Have joint card with brother but looking to get my own

Postby nolimit » Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:30 pm

I have a joint card with my younger brother (Chase SouthWest Visa). It's getting a pain to track individual charges, so I want to get my own mileage card. Not sure if that's the best rewards card for me to get, or if I should get a gas or Amazon card (I shop there all the time for almost every thing).

I have:

1) Banana Republic Visa -- $2800 limit
2) Joint Chase SW visa, brother as original account holder -- $11,000
3) Orchard Bank Mastercard -- $400

Credit score: 657 (based off Credit Karma, haven't seen individual bureaus yet)
Income: $68,500
One account closed I believe in 2008

I noticed when I opened the BR Visa that I had put my store purchase amount (~$900) on an application for the Visa, and was approved for $1400.

Does this mean I may get a higher limit if I apply for a merchant's card at the time of checkout/purchase? i.e., I think I would've gotten a limit below $1000 at BR had I not been buying anything, since I don' tthink you could get a card whose limit is UNDER what you're about to buy with the merchant. Make sense?

I'd like to either do this with a large purchase or balance transfer and apply for the Amazon rewards or airline mileage card...

Hope to learn something around here. Sorry this was long-winded. Thanks!

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