Which store card do you people like the best?

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Which store card do you people like the best?

Postby Money card » Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:04 pm

Of course the credit card version. So looking at the:

  • Macys American Express
  • American Eagle Visa
  • Ann Taylor Mastercard
  • Brooks Brothers Mastercard
  • Coldwater Creek Visa
  • Gap Mastercard
  • Nordstroms visa
If you ask me all of the above are just store credit cards, filed on credit reports under the store including Macy's.

Where as the Nordstroms is more of a travel card than a store card, this is a signature card which you get concierge service and you can spend points on airfare.

With the LL bean and Coldwater Creek you can't. The only difference between the Macy's card is you can use this card in Costco with the Nordstroms you can't.

But in Sarasota Florida for example, at 2 restaurants on the water you can use your Nordstroms card, not the Macys because a couple places don't take American Express. These are sit down restaurants like Ruby Tuesdays and Fridays.T hese aren't like those Italian/pizza places, burger king, or a convenient food market.

So of all of the credit cards from stores with either a Visa, Mastercard or American Express logo which card do you like the best? If I didn't include 1 and you want to mention it I'd be interested in hearing more examples.

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Postby jbman04 » Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:17 pm

My target card is my favorite in my wallet. I shop there all the time for general things and its a 5% discount (not cash back), right off my bill!
Chase Amazon Rewards Visa (5k Limit): debit card replacement
3% amazon, 2% gas, 2% restaurants, 2% pharmacies, 1% other

Chase Freedom Visa (5k Limit): rotating 5% catagories, 1% other

Citi Diamond Preferred Mastercard (3k Limit): No interest for 18 months

Target Store Card: 5% discount! And free shipping online!

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