Nordstroms vs. Venture

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Nordstroms vs. Venture

Postby Money card » Sun Mar 25, 2012 6:40 pm

Being this card was just reviewed by creditcardgirl. Of course the visa signature, not the Nordstroms store charge card.

The gold version is 1.25 miles per dollar. Being Capital One didn't invite me to their bank to help me find the best card for me. I'm not happy with this card.

But like what girl wrote in her review outside of Nordstroms, you get 1 point per dollar when redeeming and you can only redeem for Nordstroms gift card/cash back.

With capitol1 you can redeem for any gift card. When redeeming on the miles side I know with capitol1 you have to redeem all your miles or you have to wait. So let's say you have 10,000 miles and you want to go to Chicago and let's say for example your plane ticket cost $200. You can't use this. It's all or nothing.

What about Nordstroms Visa, same 10,000 points can you break up your points, could you redeem 100.00 and then pay cash for the rest?

Which card does everybody like better the Nordstroms Visa or Capitol1 VentureOne?

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