College senior here, should I get an SWA card?

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College senior here, should I get an SWA card?

Postby LRD » Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:14 am


I'm new here (quite an interesting and helpful forum btw) and was hoping to get a little bit of advice from you guys. I'm a 22 year old college senior, not sure what my credit is but I doubt it's anything too fantastic, the only CC I have as of now is a Citi Forward card that I've had for just about a year, never missed or been late on a payment and have a limit of 2500.

I'm doing a bit of traveling this year and was hoping to take advantage of those free 50K miles southwest is offering for new members. Will this hurt my credit? and will I even qualify? or are these offers usually only for those with excellent credit.

I'm sure I don't have bad credit but I doubt it's anywhere near perfect either. Don't owe anything except some student loans but as far as I know that's not an issue? :confused:

Thanks for your help and time.

Money card
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Postby Money card » Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:23 pm

Since you are doing a little bit of traveling I now will suggest some executive cards but first the Southwest card. 1 of my cousins has the card, he loves it not sure if you get concierge service on this card. There's an annual fee not sure how much, it's waived the first year.

My Capitol One Venture card is 1.25 miles per dollar, concierge service for hard to find gifts, travel, dining, sporting events they can help.

The Starwood Preferred Guest from American Express is great card. You rarely see anybody use this card because it's mostly thought of a business card, used for business dining, airfare, and hotels.

the 2 cards are great.

Chase has the Marriott, a very good card for business travel, not sure what the points are.

To be honest all of them are a higher level than my American Express Green card. Which in its own right is also an executive card.

I think you qualify for the Southwest card offer, since you have a Citibank Forward you might.

It's not like you have Walmart, Macys, Target, or Sears charge card. you actually have a credit card.

The 50,000 miles should be open to new members if they qualify I think you should. If you said everything about yourself the same, but no Citi and instead store charge cards, then I might have said you would have trouble getting this card. But since you have Citibank I think you will get approved.

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