Should I close unused credit cards?

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Postby eschaton » Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:17 pm

gizmo wrote:I would like to close Wells Fargo, J Crew, Barclay's, and possibly Amex...simply because I am OCD and constantly checking accounts I have open in case there is something awry.

Hi there,

Have you ever considered using Pageonce or Mint to track your bills/transactions/due dates? In your situation, seems like you have everything all organized and you know where your finances are going to. So Mint might be minimally beneficial to you, but also, since you have so many bills to track.. Pageonce might be what you are looking for. It consolidates all of your due dates and balances with one login. If you pay for their monthly services you can even pay directly from their service.

I use both of them together, and I never missed a payment in 3 years.

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