When is a good time to apply for a credit card?

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When is a good time to apply for a credit card?

Postby GBPac11 » Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:22 am


I hope everyone is doing fine :) I was just wondering if it would be in my best interest to apply for a credit card within the next 2-3 months? When is a good time considering this:

  • I currently am a college sophomore, pre-dental lol, and have only two credit cards. The first one being a Discover More card with a $1000 credit limit, not really sure if it is a student card. The second one being a Chase Freedom MasterCard with a $500 credit limit.
  • I have had my Discover for about 2 years now and my Chase for about 4-5 months. I have been paying my balances in full for as long as I can remember. Currently I have my cards maxed out, since I decided to purchase a car, but will have them payed off in about 3-4 weeks, part-time street pharmacist ;) JK....
  • I recently check my credit score at Experian and got a 678. I have not had any negative marks and have had a student loan for about 3 year at around $8000. The only issue I have is that I applied for 5 cards in a period of 5-6 months LOL, so that would equate into 5 hard inquiries :(
  • I also, currently have an income of around $12000 a year.
So, all in all would it be in my best interest to wait a few months till I can recover from my hard inquires or wait till my payments have posted?

I am mainly trying to get an Amex card, dream card, since I want to use the extended warranty for the up and coming Macbook Pro refresh - 5 to 6 months from now.

I am really sorry for it being so, but I would really appreciate any kind of help.

Packs 4 Life.

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