Opened a credit card I don't like, have I already messed up?!

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Opened a credit card I don't like, have I already messed up?!

Postby dianat » Sun Dec 04, 2011 1:17 am

After being declined for the Citi Forward card twice (once last year and once this year; I had less expenses and more income so I thought I would be approved this time around!) I opened a student credit card through Wells Fargo.

I was approved for a $1,000 limit just last month and today, I was somehow suckered into opening a Macy's card. For some reason, I just couldn't resist the discount! But the thing is, I don't even shop at Macy's very often.

I'm definitely getting the credit card version of buyer's remorse, especially after discovering creditcardforum. Should I close the account? Is there anyway to reverse my impulse credit card sign up?? How bad does my credit look right about now?

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Postby ooxs » Sun Dec 04, 2011 6:40 pm

The good news is you were approved. The bad news is the hard pull cannot be undone. The worst news is if you close the account, it will not help you in any way and a total waste of +/-10 points on your credit for the hard pull.

You credit is not bad, just 10 point of so down for the hard pull but you can always check your fico score at to find out.

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