Which card should I use if renting and insurance is paying?

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Which card should I use if renting and insurance is paying?

Postby Money card » Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:23 pm

Back on sept.12 my co worker accidentally hit my car. both insurance companies know about it. the paper work has been filled out. I have picked a place to get the car fixed, now because I have my own condo, no wife or girlfriend when my car is in the shop, I will need a rental. I will be using Enterprise and leaving my car in the shop on Nov 28.

I called American Express, I asked them life happens you never want to think about the worst but because I will be at the malls shopping, am I covered if the car rental gets damaged. The account mgr asked If I was going to pay or the insurance company is going to pay. I told him I would be using my green card, but the insurance company would reimburse Enterprise. the insurance account mgr said I'M NOT COVERED because even though I'm using the card, I'm just using it as a deposit. and even though I'm not getting a check written to me, I'm still paying for the charges, but because Enterprise is getting reimbursed I get no coverage on damage or theft.

I then called my Visa concierge explained to them the same situation, the answer is the same.

for car rentals that I will be paying for but enterprise will be getting reimbursed by my coworker's insurance co, which credit card should I use? my green American Express, Capital1 Visa or Discover? I'm not sure even if I will be paying any bill. I think I just use a card for deposit and Enterprise takes care of everything else.

I guess it doesn't matter which credit card I use. however if anybody has gone through the same situation which card did you use?

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