Chase Closed My Credit Card Account? Please Help

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Chase Closed My Credit Card Account? Please Help

Postby rileyroo15 » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:53 pm

Okay, here are the details of my situation:

-Opened Chase Credit Card in 2008 (Ohio)
-Credit limit of $3800 (granted higher credit limit without requesting it)
-Had a high balance on account at the beginning of 2010 (paid tuition while waiting for student loan money to go through)
-I had months while in school and shortly after where my account would fall a payment behind but never more than one behind.
-Account was closed in July 2010
-I have been making at least the minimum payment if not more every month since the acct being closed.

I called Chase to inquire as to why the account was closed. They said because I had had 7 late payments (not consecutively) and a high balance.

From what I've learned so far, I was under the impression that an account had to be 180 days past due or over the credit limit? I am open to any advice as to what I should do or any insight to the situation! Please help!

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