Which credit card should I get next?

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Which credit card should I get next?

Postby Money card » Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:33 pm

I'm getting killed in gas. I live in lower state New York, but I purchase gas in New Jersey. On my Exxon mobile gas card I'm paying 53.00 dollars a week. about 2 1/2 months ago I was paying 38.00 a week. I cut 2 trips down from the Malls and 1 snack place away. these places are about 20 minutes away I now only go about once a month.

So I'm thinking about 3 credit cards don't know which 1 I should get.

no.1. the Exxon Mobile credit card which I believe is a Master card. I've had the charge
card since 1994 it says it on the card that member ship. I always pay my bill in full.
I have copys of my credit report and since I don't pay any interest they don't put it on.

no.2 I'm thinking of a Discover card either the red white and blue or the Motiva.
having 2 credit cards with 5% rotation categories could be useful, I can always redeem for a gift card I also have the Black.

no.3 just wondering what do you guys think about the American express clear card it doesn't seem like there's a lot of people who have this card it might be a very nice card to have.

My back ground I don't travel on business.

My credit report. I opened my first credit card and it was a First Fidelity Visa , Back in those days that card had an annual fee of 15.00 in 1989. I got better offers in the mail. After I got my First card that was the name of a bank It came from the boon docks . I canceled my First fidelity
somewhere around 93 or 94. I then got a Mba Visa I owed my friend and accountant baseball ticket I t used the card a few times then I canceled it.

After first card closed there doors, Bank 1 took over around 2001, then around 2006 Chase merged with them , last October Chase on the Freedom card took my member since of 1995 off the Freedom, I canceled that card, I was in the Chase family from 1995-2010

So I have 3 canceled credit cards, store cards Kohls , Lord & Taylor and Disney
all have deactivated

My credit report is probably ok maybe not great but mostly better than everybody elses.

Cards I have are the Exxon mobile gas, sice 1994, Discover 1998, Capitol 1 gold about 10 months and American Express since 2010.

So which credit card should I get another Discover, the Exxon Mobil mastercard or American Express clear?

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Postby Mogul of Pineapples » Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:28 pm

If it's gas rewards you are after check out the PenFed offer that CreditCardForum advertises:

PenFed Gas Card Review: Is It Really The Best?

It's hard to beat the 5% without caps but be warned- PenFed has strict credit criteria and you may be required to prove your income after applying.
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