In a tricky situation No credit No card need $750 now.

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In a tricky situation No credit No card need $750 now.

Postby dhayden10 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:15 am

Hello this is my first post and I am needing a bit of advice. so my situation is this. I am a senior in college graduating in two weeks. No credit history whatsoever. I've got literally $270 to my name right now. I have a job lined up after graduation (non profit organization, fundraising my own salary expecting to fundraise $3200 a month), but wont be able to get my first pay check until August. I have about $1000 worth of things I will need to pay for as I go about the next couple of months of finishing school and heading to Florida for this organizations training program. That $1000 includes everything I will need from now until July 1st gas food clothes things to fix my car etc. The problem is I only have $270 currently. I have two vehicles I am going to be fixing up within the next couple weeks and putting them up for sale very lowballing they can bring me atleast $1500 and they should sell by July or August. The Non profit will also be giving me a guaranteed $900 stipend sometime during July for my travel expenses.

SO the situation in brief. I have $250 roughly now, I have $1000 of things to buy in the next two months, most of which is in the next three weeks. so that's $750 I need. I wont have any guaranteed money coming in until July but it will be atleast $900 and possibly/hopefully $2,400. I have a grandpa that can probably give me the $750 I need and just pay himself back as he sells my cars or when I get the $900. My desire and need for help is their anyway to do this like with a credit card and not accure interest, or give myself a bad credit score. Ive never had any card and my history is blank so I know my options are limited. I have no idea if their is a card with 0% interest for a few months, a minimum payment I can pay with the $270 over the next couple months (I don't even know how minimum payments work) and also have a high enough limit to carry a balance of $750-$1000 until July when I can pay it all back in full.

Let me know what you think Gurus and I'll be greatly appreciative!

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Re: In a tricky situation No credit No card need $750 now.

Postby Nixon » Mon May 01, 2017 7:04 am

While your future profession sounds like it could be for a noble cause, perhaps you should consider a more lucrative employment option at this time.

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Re: In a tricky situation No credit No card need $750 now.

Postby TXviking » Tue May 02, 2017 12:36 am

0% is very unlikely with no history. A secured card is more likely, but you should've done that a year ago to build some history. I have a feeling grandpa or a rapid car sale will be your best options in the very short term.

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