Weird Experian Score Anomaly

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Weird Experian Score Anomaly

Postby Tubpbs » Thu Oct 13, 2016 5:25 am

I have Experian Credit Tracker (not sure if name is exact - but it's Experian's service. Gives you your FICO and Experian reports regularly and Equifax and Transunion every 3 months).

I was looking at my FICOs on some of my CC logins yesterday and I noticed Amex had my score 50 points higher than Experian (both FICO 8 scores). The first thing I did was update my score with Experian. It went up 2 points. Last night I realized I can check through another source, Discover's Credit Scorecard, which is also Experian FICO 8. This is another 7 points higher than my score from Amex (score from Amex is from last update on October 1 or something like that).

This is starting to boggle my mind a bit. Both of these scores have always been 100% accurate and consistent with my current score (or score from appropriate time frame) produced by Experian. The Discover score provides some stats and not just a score - and they are indeed MY stats. And either way, both have been pulling my scores consistently for months as said above with no discrepancies.

The only thing I could think of is that the Experian score needs to update and just hasn't yet (which seems odd because of the 2 point change yesterday, but is the only real idea I came up with for what's causing this - not to mention, no change that I'm aware of would or could cause that kind of increase).

Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be going on?? Has anyone experienced this?

I'm just curious. I know it will come to light either way over the next few weeks most likely, but this is very odd to me...

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