Help with credit card swiping machine

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Help with credit card swiping machine

Postby Jazzstephen » Tue Aug 23, 2016 10:23 pm

I just want to know if there is any difference between the POS terminals and pin pads? I'm going to get a wireless credit card swiping machine and I didn't get the difference between these two. Is it the same?

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Re: Help with credit card swiping machine

Postby JustRewards » Tue Sep 13, 2016 3:46 pm

I'm pretty sure they are the same thing. Even with Square accounts that have the dongle that plugs into an iPad requires a PIN input by the customer for debit POS, so that's why I think PIN pads are part and parcel of any merchant card acceptance device and are integrated (rather than sold separately). I have no idea how the new chip cards work with wireless Square-enabled or other similar devices now that I think about it but maybe it just reads the mag strip since all chip cards still have those, unless they come with chip-readers now.

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