Super weird charge-denied experience

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Super weird charge-denied experience

Postby kcm7 » Tue Jul 05, 2016 9:58 pm

I've had my Capital One Quicksilver for well over a year. I've been using it primarily for wedding expenses, and that's what I was doing the other night. Everything went swimmingly until I tried to buy some fancy shaving supplies for the groomsmen. I got an email saying the fancy-shaving company couldn't obtain a credit card authorization.

So, I called the merchant and they asked me to verify my billing address. I did so, and they still couldn't get the authorization. Meanwhile, the charge is showing as "pending" on my Cap 1 account. I talk to several managers with the merchant, and they all insist I'm giving them fake addresses, attempting to commit fraud by buying more than $100 worth of expensive shaving supplies. I'd just spent a couple grand on the card online over the course of a few hours -- on invitations, place cards and other assorted wedding crap. And all those charges went through fine. So I thought maybe Capital 1 was denying the charge due to too much activity on the card. I call Cap One and, nope, they haven't denied any charges.

So, finally I check the address I have on my Cap One account. And I notice something odd. Instead of the address reading 1234 Mockingbird Lane, Apt 5678, it reads Apt 5678, 1234 Mockingbird lane. The apartment number was listed first on my Cap One account for some reason. Maybe I entered it that way back when I got the account, maybe that's how Cap One stores addresses. In any case, I give the merchant the address with the apt number listed first, and they are able to get authorization.

What's odd to me is that I have had this card for a while and bought tons of stuff online, and the only merchant to care about the funkyness of my address was the fancy shaving-cream company. All other merchants didn't care, apparently.

Anyway, just a weird story I wanted to share.

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Re: Super weird charge-denied experience

Postby lobbythis » Tue Jul 05, 2016 11:10 pm

I have an online business and process payments through PayPal. As of June, all of my shipping labels are printing with the apartment first. I have been in business for years and never seen this. Apartment is always automatically listed on the second line. I don't know if there is any relation here, but both of us seem to have just recently run into this at random and have no control over it.

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