Banks that do an HP for a CLI request

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Re: Banks that do an HP for a CLI request

Postby Tubpbs » Sun Jun 19, 2016 3:57 pm

CarefulBuilder14 wrote:
Tubpbs wrote:Secaucus is a nice town. I assumed that type of caveat. I don't need a hotel in Manhattan ever, but it might be nice to be able to get one in San Francisco, or San Diego or LA or Miami or some place along those lines.

I haven't looked very closely at the Marriott categories, but I know it's always something to be considered. They'd be better off making it unrestricted and paying for half the night in my opinion. But potentially only with certain spenders I guess. The majority might be well suited by the current setup.

Yeah, you won't get a hotel in San Francisco with'd have to go to Oakland or Richmond.

I've lamented before about there not being a middle-tier Marriott card - one for people who stay in high-category hotels, but don't need upgrades, or the perks of a full-service hotel.

Of course, that's where the IHG and Wyndham cards shine...

I see the value. I just don't think I'm going to stay in those places when I'm on a vacation vs when I'm working.
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