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Postby Tubpbs » Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:36 am

CarefulBuilder14 wrote:
Vattené wrote:That sucks. Do you know if your next AF will be $95 or if you'll have some sort of grandfathering period before it gets implemented on existing cardholders? I'm sure they'll send you something in the mail about terms changing if you haven't heard definitively yet.

As an existing cardmember, can you get 10% cash back on cell phones this year or is that just for new applicants? I wonder if they're offering any benefit to help compensate for the AF hike. The cell phone thing is nice, but it's just a temporary promotion. Given Amex's track record in the last couple of years, I suspect it's just an AF increase and you won't get anything new from the card.

Grandfathering rules, from what I've read, are not totally predictable. The old AF can sometimes linger for a few years, but eventually will increase.

My AF was in January so won't know. My guess is I'll get the next one at $75 and then it will go up OR it will just go up.

Didn't try for cell phone thing as I pay with Ink Plus and don't care that much.
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