Horrible issues with Chase :/

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Re: Horrible issues with Chase :/

Postby TXviking » Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:52 pm

About the only way to get banks like Chase to actually care:

Be rich. At a minimum, Private Client-level rich. Then you get CSRs who will try to be flexible. Mere mortals? Forget it. Ther's a scary thread on Flyertalk about people having all their accounts closed by Chase because Chase didn't like their spending patterns (manufacured spending.)

Personally, the worst treatment I've gotten is from Wells Fargo. I won't ever do business with them again because of how they treated me, but even costing them $70K in lost profit (mortgage refi) won't so much as register on their balance sheet. They don't care.

BofA doesn't care either. Nor does Citibank. Nor does AmEx. Nor does Discover. It's a tough lesson to learn, but, having learned it, I treat banks the same way they treat me now. My customer loyalty is gone. I pick banks and credit cards based on what will maximize my benefits. Purely a numbers game.

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