How quickly can I close the card?

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How quickly can I close the card?

Postby JackLane » Fri Mar 25, 2016 1:08 pm

Hello folks,

I have secondary Amazon Prime account (i.e. a friend is a primary member and he has added us in the family since you could share membership with 4 friends or family in the past). It also describes account as Prime on Amazon. I got Amazon Prime card from Synchrony bank in Jan 2016, assuming that I am eligible for Prime benefits but it doesn't give me 5% cashback as I am not the primary membership holder. Its useless to me. I would like to close this account. Is there any restriction how quickly I can close certain account?

Alternatively, I am considering Chase card ( that gives me 3% cashback. Anybody has better recommendation or complaints about this Chase card? Otherwise, I have Freedom and DiscoverIt card for occasional 5% cashback on Amazon.

Thanks in advance.
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