Experian report "changes"

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Experian report "changes"

Postby CarefulBuilder14 » Fri Feb 26, 2016 6:07 pm

I got a letter today from Experian:

"In accordance with state legislation and pursuant to your request to have a Security Freeze placed on your Experian Credit Report, we are required to notify you that within the last 30 days, changes to your name, address, or Social Security Number have been reported to us by a creditor.

If there was an address change, letters have been sent to both your address at the time your report was frozen and to any newly reported addresses.

If you would like to view change(s) to your information, you may order a copy of your personal credit report...etc."

I froze my report on 1/16/16. I had no particular fraud concerns, I was just shamelessly trying to discourage another EX pull.

AFAIK, all my cards have the same (correct) SSN and address. Chase Hyatt, however, lacks my middle initial (since the special bonus offer was targeted to my HGP account which doesn't have my middle initial). The last Hyatt statement cut on 2/15/16, and the Experian letter is dated 2/22/16. My Citi AA card also reported for the first time a few weeks ago. CK looks normal for TU and EQ.

While it seems likely, I'm not positive that the mentioned "change(s)" only consist of the Hyatt name difference.

The first responses that come to mind are:
1. Call each of my creditors (Amex, Chase, Discover, Barclaycard, Citi "main", and Citi "retail") and check to see if anything has changed.
2. Either now or in a few days, go to annualcreditreport.com now and get my free annual EX report to see what changes may be reflected.

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