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Re: Credit Score Jump

Postby » Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:22 pm

Elijahmex wrote:Mine jumped upwards of 38 points from September to October. I didn't think it was possible!
I have a pretty thin file (less than a year of credit) with no loans

I am very similar to this
Discover it $3k
BOA CR Visa Sig. $18K
Chase Freedom Visa $2K
Chase MRP Visa Sig. $5K
Cap 1 Vent Visa Sig. $13K
Citi HH Visa Sig. $8.5K
AMEX Gold Delta SM $8K
BC AR + WEMC $3.5K
Cap 1 Spark Busin Visa $2K
Chase Ink Cash Busin Visa Sig. $5K

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