Questions on credit card inquiries

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Questions on credit card inquiries

Postby JMaragon » Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:47 am

Ok So i went on a minor/Major App spree

I have 4 Amex cards 2 Charge 2 Revolving Both Zero Balance
Citibank Select Platinum-0 Balance
GEMB/Paypal Mastercard 6,000 0 Zero Balance
Discover Escape-10,000CL 2,500 on it
Shell Gas Card-1,000 0 BALANCE
Bloomingdales-2,000 0 Balance

But I have 9 Inqs on Experian 4 from AMEX
7 on Equifax
9 on Transunion

I am extremly Financially Stable do you think i will be adversely affected by my app spree?? I didnt start opening cards until Jan of this year because i didnt see the use of them, prior i had many from 1987 To 2004 when i closed my last FIA card.

Other than that THe AMEX were opened in Jan
Discover Jan
Bloomies/Shell/GEMB Paypal Mastercard April/March

Will this look bad especially to AMEX I PIF and not worried about a F/A as i will show exactly how much i made and if anything understated my income by 70,000.

Just your thoughts not good when it comes to credit thanks

btw my FICO are 700 Equifax and 771 Transunion Experians score was 787 but a Fako

I was denied by Chase, Nationwide Bank, and Bank of America

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Postby DoingHomework » Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:35 pm

You might try reposting your question with words and complete sentences rather than so many abbreviations. I for one do not understand what you are asking.

What is F/A, AMEX I PIF, Fako...

In general more than 2 inquiries in a 2 year period will adversely impact your credit score. But it is a minor factor if you otherwise have strong credit. If you were denied credit they must tell you why if it was based onnegative information such as too many inquiries.

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