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Postby [email protected] » Tue Oct 13, 2015 1:39 pm

CarefulBuilder14 wrote:
[email protected] wrote:
CarefulBuilder14 wrote:So how entwined are your finances with your wife's?

She has $18k of CC debt, $6k of which is accumulating interest, and she just paid almost $400 in BT fees.

You're concerned that Chase might be limiting the number of premium travel cards you can have.

NO, we will pay that debt down! I think we can pay it down and still travel occasionally too, as long as we don't go to extremes. I would like the Chase MRP card, it would be the only Premier card I have, and it would be a positive thing because we go to those hotels on a regular basis, we are Marriott rewards members with 14,000 pts currently, we go to one every year for our anniversary in March, and it would be nice to have the MRP card for that stay, but if not it's ok. I feel like we can pay her debt down and still enjoy ourselves. We will have our Home paid off in 2 years, both our vehicles are paid off and we live fairly comfortably. we just to carried away with her card. what is mine is Hers and vice versa, I helped her run up that bill, and I will help her pay it off.

Glad you're on the same page.

Although availability will vary, have you confirmed that the hotel(s) you plan to go to for the anniversary are Category 5 or lower?

No, it is actually a Cat. 7, but this March would be too early anyway for my free night. We would use that at another Hotel, we have several in the area. We stayed at the one I am talking about last June 2 nights and earned 4200 pts.
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