Chip and Sig Card usage While Travelling Abroad

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Re: Chip and Sig Card usage While Travelling Abroad

Postby rockyrock » Mon Jun 22, 2015 9:06 am

Whatamuji wrote:I'm going to Canada next month and was wondering whether I'll have any issues with using my Chip and Signature card over there. I was also wondering whether anyone had any luck using their Chip and Signature cards in places like the London Underground, or Paris Metro at the Chip and Pin kiosks they have there?

I spent a month in Toronto earlier this year. Overall I didn't have problems but I was prepared going into the trip. If you have a card without a chip in it I would bring that as a backup. My chip and sig cards didn't work in the majority of the transit terminal kiosk for bus/streetcar/subway access. I had a single card with no chip and it would still let me swipe that one and complete the transaction. Most terminals will require you to insert if a chip is detected and it will not process if it is a sig card. That was my only real problem other than a few dirty looks from clerks or people waiting in line behind me while we tried to locate a pen to sign the receipt.

I also found Discover to be almost useless except at the largest department stores or at malls. Amex is about 50/50 while V/MC are gtg.

Good luck and please return to share your experiences after your trip!
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