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Forum glossary (common abbreviations)

Postby CreditCardGuru » Fri May 15, 2015 11:00 am

Due to several requests from members, we have compiled a list of common terms used on these forums to help newcomers to understand the local vernacular.

These are compiled from acronyms, abbreviations and slang we've seen frequently pop up over the years, as well as those helpfully provided by members in posts like this one.

Did we miss anything? Add it below, and we'll add it to the list.

AA = adverse action
AAoA = Average age of accounts
AF = Annual fee
Apping = Applying for cards
APR = Annual percentage rate
AMEX = American Express
AU = Authorized user
BA = British Airways
BCE = Blue Cash Everyday (card from American Express)
BCP = Blue Cash Preferred (card from American Express)
BK = Bankruptcy
BofA = Bank of America
BT = Balance transfer
CA = Collection agency
CM = Cardmember
CBR = Credit bureau report
CC = Credit card
CL = Credit limit
CK = Credit Karma
CLD = Credit limit decrease
CLI = Credit limit increase
CM = Cardmember
CMS = Cardmember Services
CO = Charge off
COF/Cap One = Capital One
CR = Credit report
CRA = Credit reporting agency
CS = Credit Sesame
CSP = Chase Sapphire Preferred (card)
CSR = Customer service representative
DMP = Debt management plan
ED = EveryDay (card from American Express)
EDP = EveryDay Preferred (card from American Express)
EMV = Europay Mastercard Visa (refers to chip card technology)
EQ = Equifax
EX = Experian
FAKO = Credit scores that are not FICO scores
FR = Financial review
Gardening = Maintaining current cards, not opening new ones
HE = Home equity
HELOC = Home equity line of credit
HP = Hard pull
INQ = Inquiry
IT = Discover it card
LOC = Line of credit
MC = MasterCard
MR = Membership Rewards
MRP = Membership Rewards points
Nerf, nerfed = Refers to card's benefits getting reduced, altered unfavorably from a consumer's perspective, or cancelled entirely
NPSL = No pre-set spending limit
OC = Original creditor
OP = Original poster
PC = Product change
PFD = Pay for delete
PIF = Pay in full
PLAT = Platinum card from American Express
Recon = Reconsideration
PRG = Premier Rewards Gold (card from American Express)
SD = Sock drawer (the figurative or literally drawer where you're keeping cards you don't use anymore)
SP = Soft pull
SPG = Starwood Preferred Guest (referring to program or card from American Express)
SWA = Southwest Airlines
TL = Trade line
TU = TransUnion
UR = Ultimate Rewards (program from Chase)
Util = Utilization (referring to credit utilization)
VS = Visa Signature or Vantage Score
WEMC = World Elite MasterCard
WMC = World MasterCard
YMMV = Your mileage may vary

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