Experian Credit Tracker review

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Experian Credit Tracker review

Postby Vermonster » Wed May 06, 2015 3:43 pm

So I looked all over for a review for Experian's offering after reading many bad things about MyFico's score watch. I finally broke down an took the Trial for $4.95, figuring I could cancel before the end of my first month and not be stuck with paying extra. I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts on it.

I really only needed the Experian tracker as Credit Karma gives me the other two. I was mostly looking for a updated report so I could keep track of a few baddies I was working on getting rid of.

Experian lets you update once a day. It updates both your report and your FICO 8 score. Everything else it offers is very similar to CK. It shows each account and will give you more details on each if needed.

It lists the top 3 things helping your score and hurting your score. This has limited value, we all know a late payment is hurting your score but there isn't much you can do about it. I would prefer to have better advice on things you can actually do. My 3 are a 28month old late, High Util (38% instead of <30%), and young AoAA. There is no explanation as to how much it hurts my score or what you can do to manage these negative influence.

There are also a few custom alerts that you can set mainly changes to your report and your score. It does not show soft pulls, which I really wish it did.

The Planning section lets you see what should happen if you do a variety of different things. It always shows a change to your score, but doesn't explain why. Still it is nice to see that my score won't change if I open a new account as long as it has a $5000 limit. You can see some negative things too, like what happens when I miss a payment (FYI scary shit happens).

There are the general credit card offers that are "directed" at you. But they are all in their own tab.

Daily update
Full report
FICO 8 score
Customizable Alerts

No Soft Pull data
Limited info on score factors
Crappy suggestions for credit cards
Ad to buy all 3 reports every time you log in.

If anyone has questions I'd be happy to answer. I can upload some screenshots this weekend if requested.
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