Stay-At-Home-Income Information

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Stay-At-Home-Income Information

Postby cdurante » Tue May 05, 2015 4:45 pm

I am looking to apply for a credit card and trying to determine the proper way to enter income in. I am self-employed part time and have a contribution to our household income, but the income varies throughout the year and number of clients. However, my spouse (we are not married) makes significantly more than I do. We share all finances. My credit score is much higher though. Can I use our combined income on my application?

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Re: Stay-At-Home-Income Information

Postby Vermonster » Tue May 05, 2015 7:48 pm

I'm going to tell you what I would do. This may be different from what you should do, so get a few opinions before you follow my plan.

Apply using your household income. If anyone asks say it is your income plus your spouse's. No need to mention being married or not. They will ask you for your employer, If you work under a company name use that, and say you are the owner. Otherwise self employed works. But I certainly wouldn't lie about anything.
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