Need some Assistance please with American Express.

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Re: Need some Assistance please with American Express.

Postby Vermonster » Wed May 06, 2015 1:49 pm

From my experiences with small claims court, you must file in the county of the defendant if you live in the same state. If they are out of stat (as in this case) you file in your county. They will have to pay a lawyer to represent them. Many times they will not as the lawyer's fees will mitigate the judgement in your favor.

Some courts offer free legal advice for small claims court. You normally represent yourself so judges are much more understanding of you not knowing every little law. I just hope you have lots of paperwork and photos. If not, you're SOL.
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Re: Need some Assistance please with American Express.

Postby pgamb871 » Sat May 09, 2015 2:33 pm

there are sticking by a made up story that I canceled the bed. when I certainly did not. they were harassing me to accept it. when I did not they told me they will tell the credit card agency I cancelled and therefore lose the dispute. And that is exactly what happened. I sent photos to AMEX showing the damage. they are the ones who originally told me to send it back. How can Amex based a dispute on what they said? I have the photo of damage and bill of laden from shipper saying it was refused because of damage. not canceled.

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Re: Need some Assistance please with American Express.

Postby PhillyPhoto » Mon May 18, 2015 9:52 am

pgamb871 is the website if anyone would like to make some sense of the return policy.

What about damage?
We inspect every piece before it leaves our builder's or finisher's shop. In rare instances damage may occur on transit. Please inspect all furniture at time of delivery, if damage occurs, please be sure to note it on the delivery log before the carrier leaves then call us directly or Packship USA at 800-548-0852 to report damages. All of your pieces are 100% insured through Packship USA or our other carriers. Please see Shipping/Freight Options for details.

Have you contacted the freight company at all?

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