Quick credit score jump -- is that normal?

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Quick credit score jump -- is that normal?

Postby thearcher » Fri Apr 24, 2015 4:18 pm

Hi everybody, i'm new here. I'm in process of rebuiding credit after years of bad choices.

I've acquired a secured mastercard, a CO QS1 and also became an authorized user on my wife's cards through CO. I was in the lower 500 range last month. Lots of medical bills, but nothing else in collections. I applied for the secured card, got it. Next I was added to my wife's accounts.

These days later, i checked my credit score through credit karma and it had risen 140+ points on transunion and equifax. It almost didn't seem right. So I checked it on quizzle. Sure enough it had. So i applied to CO QS1 and got a 2k limit.

Does this sound weird? What would make my credit jump like that as soon as my wife's card was reported? Either way I'm happy to have a first card be 2k. Has anybody else seen this before? I really appreciate the input. Great to be here. I've been taking advice for a while now and decided to contribute. :cheers:

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Re: Quick credit score jump -- is that normal?

Postby takeshi » Tue Apr 28, 2015 9:48 am

It can happen but keep in mind that CK and Quizzle provide VantageScores. A creditor you're applying to may not rely on VantageScores. Most use one of the FICO models.

Score changes all depend on the data that changes. The effect of being added as an AU depends on the condition of the TL. However, don't just rely on being an AU. You need to work on addressing your derogs and building your own TL's.

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Re: Quick credit score jump -- is that normal?

Postby Vermonster » Tue Apr 28, 2015 10:06 am

AU cards can provide an artificial jump in scores. Yes it looks nice. But many creditors will take those accounts with a grain of salt. For example; If most of your accounts are new with small limits and spotty payments, but one AU account is very old with high limits and perfect payments, then they aren't really going to see that AU as a reflection of your creditworthiness. You might be able to trick a computer into an instant approval, but I doubt you would be able to recon a denial with an actual human.

But it looks like you are making the right moves. Now let that 2k limit age a few years and show some perfect payment history, and you'll be set.
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