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Reply to Medical Collection

Postby WildBill » Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:57 pm

Been awhile since I visited n posted. I read a post of a member who recently had a medical bill and before he was able to pay it off it posted on his credit report. I couldn't find the post to reply so I figured I'd post here becaus this may help many. There is a such thing called "back dooring collection agencies". I myself have done this especially with medical bills. So please, read closely and pay attention. If the collection is recent and posts on your credit report DO NOT make any contact with the collection agency. I say again. DO NOT contact the collections agency for this may initiate a collection which will stand for 7 years on your report regardless of payment in full. Now.... Please listen to this part. Contact the Hospital/Clinic which you have the bill with and settle payment with them. Once payment in full I'd made, debt is settled and no contact ever made with collection agency nullifies the collection and it disappears from report. Same goes fr parking tickets and other recent debts. Always contact the original debtor and NOT the collection agency. I hope this helps.

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