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Postby oldsoldier » Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:10 am

otter wrote:I plan on using it for some small recurring payments and then setting it up so that I make an automatic payment greater than the minimum payment so I get the $25 + $5 for having a checking account with them. In effect, BoA will be paying for me to use the card (the recurring payments in question are less than $10/month). My financial life with BoA is actually pretty limited- I have a fee free checking account with them (the type of account is no longer offered and I was grandfathered in), but very seldom use it. I just keep it open in case I ever move somewhere with a BoA footprint.

Thats pretty much how I use mine I have the my cell phone auto pay each month and PIF and Love recieving my $30 at the end of each quarter.
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